velvet dance catsuitHello from Dance Clothes UK.  This site is all about dance. We are passionate about dance and hope you are too.  We love all dance styles and genres from Classical Ballet to street and hip hop. We would love to hear from you and for you to tell us your dance stories and what you love about dance.

I have loved dance since I could walk and probably before. My mother took me to ballet classes with her when she was just twenty and I joined in. I studied RAD ballet until I realised that I was too tall and too big to make  a ballerina. Not to worry though. There are many other forms of  dance to love.

I discovered contemporary dance………………….now that’s dance from the heart and soul.

I now teach dance and love movement in all it’s forms. I run Dance Clothes UK and source the best Dancewear on the market today from right around the globe.

Please contact me with your stories, ideas, comments and suggestions. I would love to hear from you.

Regards,  the team at Dance Clothes uk


black catsuit

Black catsuit for your New Year Party? Imagine this gorgeous understated sleeveless catsuit with high heels and a leather jacket. Accessorize with chunky bangles and bead for a singing star celebrity look. This black catsuit is available from Dance Clothes UK Now.

black catsuit, black catsuits

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Black Catsuit

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black catsuit


Buy this black catsuit and big shirt from DCUK Dance Clothes UK

black catsuit, black catsuitsNeed a black catsuit for your Halloween Catsuit Costume? Look no further than Dance Clothes UK for a fabulous matt black catsuit.


black casuit, black catsuits, matt catsuit



Black Matt Lycra Catsuit available from DCUK.

black castuit for dance


A matt black catsuit makes a change from shiny Nylon Lycra. From DCUK

black catsuit

This Black Catsuit  in matt Lycra look amazing in Doc Marten Boots with an oversized shirt. You can wear it and look hot on a night out. Buy it now from Dance Clothes

black catsuit mayy lycra catsuit

Black Catsuit in non shiny matt Lycra makes a change from the usual nylon Lycra. Available from Dance Clothes UK


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black lycra catsuit


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